Seagrave Triple Chemical Fire Engine

Seagrave Triple Chemical Fire Engine

1924 Seagrave Triple Chemical Fire Engine

Seagrave, founded in 1881, is the oldest surviving fire apparatus manufacturer in the United States. Because of this title, Seagrave is known for many of its models, including the 6WF. Strangely enough, Model 6WF did not hold a water tank or pump, only chemical tanks.

This 6WF model was originally delivered to the Rescue Hook & Ladder Company of Shenandoah, Pennsylvania. As mentioned before, the engine unusually did not hold a water tank or pump, but was equipped with three chemical tanks: two 80-gallon and one 40-gallon. The chemical tanks were filled with sodium bicarbonate and a container of sulphuric acid, a combination that, once mixed, creates carbon dioxide. This chemical reaction created pressure within the tanks that shot the sodium bicarbonate water through the hose. The tanks were easily refillable, making sodium bicarbonate and sulphuric acid a welcome choice for many fire companies.

Other than its original landing place, not much history is known about this Seagrave. Unfortunately, the engine was kept in a barn for most of its life, so the engine does not run. The 6WF joined our collection at the Koorsen Fire Museum in 2014.