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For more than seven decades, Koorsen Fire & Security has made homes and businesses safer through fire prevention and protection. Our goal at the Koorsen Fire Museum is to educate guests on the history of fire safety in a fun and intriguing way.

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Watch our owner Randy Koorsen gives an in-depth tour of the Koorsen Fire Museum to WishTV's Dick Wolfsie.

Who we are

Running the show

Randy Koorsen

Randy Koorsen is Koorsen Fire & Security's Owner, CEO, and President. He has been collecting fire memorabilia since 1968, when his father gifted him his first collectible fire extinguisher, The Phoenix. Koorsen Fire Museum is Randy's private collection that he has graciously opened to the public to promote education on fire safety.

Tyler Rice

Tyler Rice is the Director of Learning and Development at Koorsen Fire and Security's Training Center. He is fond of expanding and researching on everything in Koorsen Fire Museum and strives for the museum to be a place of education and enjoyment.

Abby Zepick

Abby Zepick is the Museum Assistant for the Koorsen Fire Museum. She joined the museum after completing her Master’s degree in Museum Studies, which she uses to bring museum best practices into the collection.

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