American LaFrance Brockway Torpedo

American LaFrance Brockway Torpedo

1924 American LaFrance Brockway Torpedo

Between 1915 and 1927, Brockway Motor Company of Cortland, New York, teamed up with American LaFrance to create purpose-built fire engines for small fire departments. Brockway supplied American LaFrance with their Torpedo model chassis, a compact, 3000-pound model that could be equipped with an American LaFrance chemical unit.

This model was perfect for smaller towns with limited budgets, such as the village of Pleasureville, Pennsylvania. Pleasureville was still employing the use of bucket brigades in 1924, however, after a particularly damaging house fire, plans were made to organize and establish a fire company. Later that year, Pleasureville made the purchase of its first fire apparatus for $3000, the American LaFrance Brockway Torpedo.

The American LaFrance Brockway Torpedo was typically equipped with a 35-gallon chemical tank; however, this model consists of three chemical tanks, one 75-gallon and two 50-gallon. This Torpedo was also furnished with 200 feet of hose, two ladders, a bell, a spotlight, and a 12V Sterling siren.