Mack AC Fire Engine

Mack AC Fire Engine


Mack International Motor Truck Corporation, now known as Mack Trucks, Inc., is an American truck manufacturing company that was founded in 1900. While most commonly known for their heavy and medium-duty trucks, Mack also produced fire apparatus from 1911 to 1990, with many still in service at fire departments worldwide.

Introduced in 1916, the AC Model rocked the industry, with over 40,000 made through its 22-year production time. The AC was known for its reliability and ability to work in rough terrain, making it a perfect option for many fire departments. It was heavy-duty and robust, with many being built for the US Military during World War I. This specific AC Model was built with a Triple Combination pumper, a Hale 700 gallon-per-minute pump, and a chain-driven rear axle.

This AC unit was originally built on April 9, 1926, for Long Island, New York; however, the order was canceled as the larger AP model had come out the same year. The unit then operated as a factory demonstration vehicle at Mack’s headquarters in Allenstown, Pennsylvania. In 1930, the engine was sold to the Floral Park Centre Fire Company No. 1 of Floral Park, New York.

The engine saw service in Floral Park for the next twenty years, until it was eventually replaced and sold. After passing through many collections and restoration in 1997, the 1926 Mack AC Fire Engine found its home in the Koorsen Fire Museum on August 13, 2021.